About the Award

The Crown Prince Award for Best Government Service Application is an annual award designed to stimulate and encourage university students to provide creative solutions via smartphone applications. The aims is to improve government services and provide simple around the clock government services that are easy, efficient and transparent to exceed customer expectations.

Total Prize
100,000 JD
First Place
50,000 JD
Second Place
30,000 JD
Third Place
20,000 JD
300+ K

Students in Private and Public Universities and Colleges in Jordan

30 +

Private and Public Universities and Colleges in Jordan

Award Categories


All aspects of health care include prevention, diagnosis, treatment and health services in general. It also includes access to health care, the patient journey and remote diagnostic solutions, as well as the management of chronic diseases as well as lifestyle and health education


Including the provision of educational services in addition to the effective and efficient management of educational institutions and other government educational services that may serve the educational sector in the Kingdom


Areas that focus on transport activities and specifically focusing on the following segments the elderly, low income families and special needs and university students, focusing also on rural and remote areas and other governorates

Business Environment

These include the areas of economic development and improvement of government procedures for customers from the beginning of establishment of companies, obtaining permits, employment, operation and closure of businesses, as well as intellectual property


Areas of tourism and travel development including Medical tourism hospitality, culture, arts, entertainment, preserving art, culture and heritage as well as services pertaining to travelers and tourists


Services to provide youth empowerment initiatives and support their pioneering and active role participation in serving their communities

Agriculture and Food Security

Includes ways to achieve food security In terms of providing adequate food in sufficient quantities and obtaining it at all times, particularly in times of crisis In order to enhance the levels of self-sufficiency in Jordan.

Social Affairs

Services focused on financing small projects for families, children and mother’s welfare, family affairs, caring for people with special needs and providing them with appropriate services


services that are provided to refugees in Jordan and how to involve Jordanian society in finding development programs and initiatives that contribute to provide assistance, capacity building, educational programs, and others

Security and crisis management

These include services that enable the government and society to adapt to crises, enhance security and solidarity between citizens, provide priority services and offer initiatives for recovery in all vital sectors.

Main Criteria

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness (35%)

    This criterion focuses on the adoption of services amongst the targeted audience, and ability to solve a problem that deals with Public Service with high level of impact on society.


  • Ease of Use (30%)

    This criterion focuses on how well the services are being delivered, from a user perspective. It focuses on functionalities such as but not limited to: Easy navigation with friendly design (Look and Feel)

  • Innovation (25%)

    This criterion focuses on the "Wow!" factor - that is, the innovative use of technology or stand-out approaches for combining ideas in a creative and collaborative manner and developing a solution that is unique, original and new focusing on life event services that impact overall customer experience.

  • Overall Impression (10%)

    This criterion focuses on the overall impression of the jury member assessing the application.

Rules of Participation

  1. Only students enrolled in public and private universities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan can participate.

  2. The university must be accredited and recognized by the entity authorized to do so in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

  3. Students can not participate individually.

  4. Students must apply for the prize as team that consists minimum of two and maximum six people.

  5. Students can participate with more than one application.

  6. The University can participate with more than one team.

  7. Mobile applications / solutions must be linked to one of the relevant government services provided to individual or business customers (G2C or G2B).

  8. Students must work with the government entity.

  9. Mobile applications and solutions must be developed at the university, by the students themselves.

  10. The App will be developed in Arabic Language – the winner will have to develop an English version upon execution

  11. All submissions must include a video explaining the app with the main features and benefits of the app.

  12. All application applications must include a working or simulated working package on one of the official software development tools.

  13. The official software development toolkit in the following links: https://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action for IOS http://developer.android.com/tools/index.html for android


Launching the Award
July 2020
Promoting the Award
July - October 2020
November - December 2020
January - February 2021
March 2021



Submission form (Note: will be available on the website soon)


A 3 minute video that explains the application


A working or simulated working package on one of the official software development tools

Winners of 1ˢᵗ Edition


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